buffalo cauliflower tacos | easy vegan recipe

three buffalo cauliflower tacos topped with a chili lime aioli

three buffalo cauliflower tacos topped with a chili lime aioli

yo...we've missed you!

whether you're new to the blog or one of our OG readers, know it was not easy stepping away from herbanistic. *tear emoji*  

it's been a solid 8 months since we gave you all a new recipe. we know, trash, but hear us out: life came at our black asses fast and we simply were not prepared. 

universe/bills/responsibility/depression/failure: ...oh hey


for those of you who remember, the herbanistic family moved to the jungle of Costa Rica - where, btw, the sun was on absolute bullshit with us - only to move back within a few weeks. unfortunately, when we returned to the states our new living space was not suited for a food blog; much less the mental clarity needed to successfully run one. so, we went on a hiatus.

fast forward to 2018, we're now located in new york city! *cue started from the bottom by mr. culture vulture*

words cannot describe how excited we are to be blogging again. veganism is still too damn white, classed, cis, non-queer, fat-antagonist, and everything in-between. so we appreciate you joining the movement to shake things up 😈

and in case you’re new (or you forgot), this platform exists to expand our ideas of liberation to include the abolition of nonhuman animal oppression alongside racism, cis/hetero/sexism, classism, sizism, and all that other woke shit.


soo...these tacos tho

this recipe was born out of pure broke desperation. you know the moment you wait too long to eat and have neither the energy to cook or the funds to order out? yea, that was us.

luckily, at the time we had leftover kale salad, taco shells, hot sauce, and a cauliflower. we didn’t know it at the time, but the meal we made with minimal effort would turn out to be a staple.

while we live for those complicated dishes that bridge the gap between meat-eaters and vegans of the diaspora, there’s always a need for simple dishes that are affordable, easy, and just plain good.

one could say, this dish is that bish.



look, it had to be said 😂


B Kolije