vegan bbq pulled pork sandwich

let's just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this dish while i smile devilishly in black vegan greatness.

she has ease, presentation, and incredible taste. if there were ever a recipe of mine that you needed to try, it's this one.  

i mean, just look at this sandwich. 

in case you're thinking to yourself, "wait, vegans eat pork now?" let me clear the air: this is not real meat; it's jackfruit. yes, an actual fruit.

jackfruits are colossal plant foods that can reach a staggering 80 lbs. when harvested while young - hence the "young" label on the cans - the flesh can be shredded and used as a meat substitute. 

i've been eating jackfruit for more than a year now and it still blows my mind.

shredded jackfruit 

shredded jackfruit 

although i love increasing my raw food intake during the summer, i'm still a midwestern black femme; we love our bbq! 

instead of simply grilling veggies or purchasing expensive ass Beyond Burgers, this year i decided to make a dish everyone would want to try. tbh, i'm debating on whether or not i should even share because it's sooo good. 

red cabbage slaw

red cabbage slaw

this is a super easy recipe, but because the filmmaker in me couldn't resist the visuals, i filmed a video!

i hope you enjoy this dish as much as i do 

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