creamy vegan purple mashed potatoes

purple mashed potatoes

purple mashed potatoes

when i learned of purple potatoes my immediate thought was, "damn, earth is the baddest bish alive." 

not only does earth provide seemingly endless space for capitalists to destroy, but it's out here growing beautifully violet spuds too?? 

your fav, quite literally, could never. 

earlier this year i bought purple potatoes on a whim thinking they were regular potatoes with purple skin. to my surprise, the inside was a deep violet hue. i was so excited i didn't even know what to make. i ended up baking fries (i was starving and didn't have time to experiment) and the taste was identical to white potatoes.

fast forward to May, i notice a long row of flowering plants in my garden bed. i pulled one up to see if it was producing food; it wasn't (yet). so i assumed it was just a flower plant and planned to uproot the rest. 

after a few weeks or so, the neighboring gardener informed us that they were Icelandic potatoes! 

a lil tidbit about me: i love me a potato. whether it's baked, fried, mashed, or smothered; i love potatoes. so i was geeked.

now, i didn't know what the hell an Icelandic potato was, so i had absolutely no idea they would be purple! i only found out because they started popping out of the ground. after piercing the skin to confirm the inside was purple, i ran home to cook the one i picked. 

that day was conformation that i'll be gardening for the rest of my life, lol.

if you're vegan, you may find it hard to make creamy dishes without succumbing to highly processed non-diary cheeses and creams. in this video, i show you how to achieve an almost cheese-like texture using nothing but all natural ingredients. 

don't worry if your potatoes aren't as pretty as mine (shade), this recipe works with every kind of potato. 


Vegan Purple Mashed Potatoes

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