chili cheese dip for the function

spicy vegan chili cheese dip perfect for family gatherings where you   know   there won't be any veggie options.

spicy vegan chili cheese dip perfect for family gatherings where you know there won't be any veggie options.

have you ever wondered what it's like to attend a traditionally Black American family function as a vegetarian/vegan? ISS HARD. 

as in difficult; as in either i eat before coming or i'll starve; as in while i'm withering away, i'll be questioned (relentlessly) on why i'm not eating food THEY KNOW i don't eat. basically, if you're family is anything like mine, it will take at least five years before they even remember you don't eat meat. 

if you're transitioning to veganism and you're worried about an upcoming get-together, instead of going hungry, take this opportunity to introduce your people to the veganized version of their favorite foods. their willingness to try something new may surprise you, so make sure your dish is on point. *disclaimer: i'm not responsible if you get clowned cuz you ain't make it right*

so, how do you make chili cheese dip without dairy or meat? lemme show you 

the three main ingredients of vegan nacho cheese are potatoes, carrots, and nutritional yeast. if you're new to vegan cooking or just unfamiliar with nutritional yeast, you may be a bit confused on what it is. 

let me start by saying what it is not: nutritional yeast flakes and activated yeast are not the same ingredient. please, don't be 2014 b and use regular (re: rising) yeast in hopes of making cheese. please.

as pictured (gifed?) below, nutritional yeast appears as small yellow flakes.

unlike regular yeast, nutritional yeast has been deactivated. so because we are making cheese and not beer or bread, we're good.

the nutty flavor is similar to cheese and can be combined with other ingredients to make cheese alternatives. this stuff is a must-have for my kitchen. especially because it is a great source of protein that also contains B vitamins. oftentimes, it is even fortified with B12. make sure to check because not all brands of nutritional yeast are the same. 

with that being said, instead of walking you through the process of making the rotel and chili, i've included a video so you can see for yourself. 


Chili Cheese Dip

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