vegan red velvet pancakes

vegan red velvet pancakes covered in a bounty of fresh fruit and homemade icing. 

vegan red velvet pancakes covered in a bounty of fresh fruit and homemade icing. 

okay but this is literally sex on a plate. it's pretty apparent from the photo, but when you bite into the moistness of the pancake mixed with the fresh fruit and icing? *licks lips*

originally, this recipe was formulated for Valentine's Day as a meal to share with your sweet, but feel free to make it for whomever is important to you. 

you're probably wondering what makes it red; is it food dye? raspberry syrup? the blood of satan? nope - beets! now before you roll your eyes, beets add incredible moisture (and hue) when combined with other ingredients. beet bean burgers and beet brownies are delicious despite their name, lol. 

let's get into this recipe 😈

this step is included in the recipe card below, but i just want to reiterate: cook. tha. beets. girl. do not think you can get away with blending a raw beet without destroying  your blender. that's if you can even cut it. beets are a root vegetable and only soften when on the verge of going bad. i am partial to roasting my beets before working with them, but you can also boil them. 

currently, i do not have a sensitivity to gluten - or at least not a large enough one where i'll give it up completely - so i use whole wheat pastry flour instead of a gluten-free option. though i'm not sure how it will turn out, you can try using oat flour if gluten is an absolute no-no. not to worry, gluten-free recipes coming in the (near) future. wait on it 😜

although i think the steps are simple enough i decided to film a video for this one just for added security when cooking for bae.


Vegan Red Velvet Pancakes

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