5 tips on transitioning to a vegan lifestyle

Ashanti Marshall of  anotetozami.com

Ashanti Marshall of anotetozami.com

lots of omni's think vegans start their day like this:

...not gonna lie, i wouldn't mind?

look, it's hot where i live and a cold lettuce shower in the middle of a heat wave seems like peak #blackgirlmagic.

all jokes aside, if i've learned anything since openly talking about veganism, it's that most people don't know what the hell is it; let alone how to adopt the lifestyle. 

given the aggressive (racial) marketing of fast food companies, food deserts, and an overall meat-centric cultural diet, that's more than understandable. 

what's interesting is that many people - in my experience anyway - are curious about veganism. they may not want to give up animal products immediately, but a lot of folx i meet want to decrease their meat consumption to improve their health. 

as i've explained here, my reason for transitioning to a vegan lifestyle was an ethical choice, but i'm happy to hear even the smallest consideration from others. 

whether you or someone you know is flirting with the idea of going vegan, this video should help you out. 

hope this helps!

- b

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