i'm b - yes, like the letter.

herbanistic isn't your average vegan food blog. actually, a more accurate description would be a black feminist vegan resource that creates space to discuss social justice while offering plant-based recipes and overall tips on the lifestyle. with this platform, herbanistic seeks to disprove the idea that veganism is only attainable by the rich, white, thin, cis, and overall "elite." 

if you're new to veganism, black feminism/intersectionality, or any form of social justice, you may be wondering how the aforementioned are connected. first, i'd like to preface this by explaining my background in each: i am (currently) femme-identifying. i've yet to find a label that suits me 100%, but if i had to choose, i'd say i'm gender non-conforming. also, i'm black. i was born and raised in the midwest region of America where meat is a cultural staple. in July 2009, i decided i was going to become a vegetarian (but not really because i still ate fish, lol). 7 years later, after reading Sistah Vegan: Black Female Vegans Speak on Food, Identity, Health, and Society by Dr. A. Breeze Harper, i knew the transition to veganism was necessary in order for my diet to match my politics. 

often in activist spaces we leave out the oppression of nonhuman animals. the mention of veganism is immediately met with hostility and deflection. as a black femme who not only experiences animalization - the act of removing one's humanity* to justify violence and abuse - by way of race, but also by assumed gender, i get not wanting to associate with "animals." the thing is, the animal/human binary exists within all forms of oppression. if we can see the unethicality of it in our own lives, why not work towards fighting each system of domination in totality? 

herbanistic is not here to cast judgment or blame, because food injustice is a real ass thing. all i'm asking is that you be open and considerate about the ways you may contribute to the oppression of another. human or non.

*i use humanity in this context to easily define animalization, not because i subscribe to the human supremacist idea that humanity sits on a pedestal when compared to other species.